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What The Blog!

Posted by tmoney80 on September 24, 2008

Hello my friends (do you like my John McCain impression?),

I have been converted to the world of blogging by my friend Erin Alaine Smith. I’m generally the last person to dive gungho into new technologies and progressive practices, so I am pretty disappointed in myself. For example, it took me a while to get my first cell phone. I know…I’m pretty ridiculous, I have problems. But I realized that for the last few months I have been consistently writing little devotionals and thoughts, so I decided, I might as well put it in the form of a blog so everyone can read it.  The intent of this blog is not just to share my spiritual thoughts but also to share my life, which is sometimes pretty ridiculous, and since I consider myself affable, that’s what I will share.  Please feel free to subscribe, post comments & enjoy or hate, despise, reject and punch your computer screen after reading. Welcome!


One Response to “What The Blog!”

  1. Hammer said

    Are you sure you know everything about what you’re saying?

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