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God Knows Best

Posted by tmoney80 on September 26, 2008

So last year, Jaclyn and I were heavily in the market for a house…so much so that we got as far as being in escrow for one condo and having inspectors come through to make sure it was a good buy.  Well, to our disappointment, at the time, we had to drop out of escrow and give up the condo we both really wanted due to insufficient finances.  We were about to sign on to a really bad loan based on stated income instead of proven income. We basically were going to do anything to get into this house.  However, the whole time we were in this process I continuously prayed that God’s will would be done, if He wanted us to get this house, He would provide, and if He didn’t want us in the house then He was going to have to stop it.  And that’s what happened.  As I said Jaclyn and I did everything in our powers to get this house, but we didn’t get it because God stepped in and slammed the door.  Jaclyn and I were devasted but we just went on knowing God had a plan.  Well………..fast foward a year and a half and now, with what’s going on with banks and investment firms, Jaclyn and I are ecstatic that we didn’t get that condo.  If we did, we would be in financial ruin, most likely bankrupt. We would’ve probably had to foreclose on our house and our credit would be shot. Thank God that He knows best and thank God that He reveals His plan in due season.


One Response to “God Knows Best”

  1. Andrew Mattie said

    If you change a few inconsequential details and replace “I” with “Andrew” and “Jaclyn” with “Kim”, you just described our story too!

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