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God Makes Me Sleepy

Posted by tmoney80 on March 4, 2009

So I am a night person and usually have trouble getting to sleep quickly unless I am really exhausted, because of that, it allows me to think in bed while I’m waiting to fall asleep. Last night was one of those nights. I went to bed not terribly tired, so my mind began to wander and I began thinking about the rapture. Usually when I think about the rapture at night, I get scared of it, more so than if I were thinking about it during the day. Maybe that has to do with the “thief in the night” verse…that verse is just creepy, I’m sorry.  But this time before my mind went way off on the issue God spoke to me about it. You should know that most of my life I have always been a little scared of it…I guess because I don’t totally understand it. My fears lie in these unanswered questions: what’s going to happen to me when Christ comes back, how will it feel, what will I see, will it be scary in the first few moments, will I even realize what’s happening at first…those ideas are kind of unnerving to me. I know that the Scriptures say that He will come like a thief in the night…and in the blink of an eye, basically saying  it will happen faster than we’ll know.  But God gave me a very interesting truth last night. Basically He said “during your life you put your trust in Me for all your tangible needs: food, clothes, work, your dreams, your destiny, money, etc…when I come back you will need to trust that I will take care of you eternally, with things that you don’t know as tangible.” As I thought about that idea I realized “you’re right God” (surprise) in this life we trust God for things that we know about, things that man is able to attain without relying on God’s help…money, jobs, clothes, career, etc. But at the moment we enter eternity we will need to trust God with things we have no idea about. We will need to trust Him when He is perfecting our salvation, when He is giving us our glorified body, when He is showing us our mansion in heaven, when He is showing us how to truly worship. Now I know I am thinking about these things on a very human level and in human terms. I understand that when we get to heaven we will “know even as we are known” (1 Cor 13:12)…or in other words, when I am perfected all my imperfections will disappear, and everything that will happen to us, will be for our good. But I guess that’s my point…like Prov. 3:5 points out…Ultimate Trust is leaning not on your own understanding but in ALL your ways acknowledging Him. In all your doubts…acknowledge Him. I need to end relying on my understanding of eternity and the rapture and acknowledge Him. To the mortally minded that’s a scary thought, but to those who stay heavenly minded…it’s really no bother – this was a comforting thought as I lay there…then the next thing I know…I’m waking up for work.

*Side note: Isn’t it interesting how God comforts us of our worries basically putting us to sleep and taking them as His burden. It’s been said that God gets the most work done when we are sleeping. Probably because, at that point, we can no longer get in the way.


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