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Logical Argument Against The Pro-Choice Ridiculousness

Posted by tmoney80 on October 9, 2008

Hey everyone,

Here is a well thought out argument from my boss that pretty much destroys the “logic” of the ProChoice stance. Look at the graph below. Then forward this link to everyone you know. Here is a link to the full argument…http://web.mac.com/flugelboy/politics/choice.html


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My Election Conspiracy Theory

Posted by tmoney80 on September 25, 2008

A month ago I developed an Election Conspiracy Theory that I haven’t spoken much of, and I just today found out from a friend that Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly have expressed the same view, although not necessarily as a conspiracy…but I can honestly say that I thought of it all by myself…so mark my words.

What is my conspiracy theory?

As the election day nears, Joe Biden will “remove himself” from the Vice Presidential bid, however, it will really be at the decision of Barack Obama. Very shortly after Biden leaves, Obama will choose Hillary Clinton to replace him. This decision will be a late October surprise and cause a huge rallying surge from the Democratic base. Then on November 4th the Obama/Clinton ticket will win the election hands down.

Why do I think this?

I can’t speak for Rush or Bill but I believe this has been completely premeditated since the summer.  Here’s my list of reasons for thinking this way:

1. Right after Obama overwhelmingly gained the lead in the Democratic primaries, he and Senator Clinton met at S.O.H. Nancy Pelosi’s house in California and had a “closed” living room meeting that lasted several hours. No one else was there except the two and Pelosi, who was upstairs working in her office. There was no media coverage and no reports on the content of the meeting. All that was told was that it happened. What did they talk about that was so important that still no one knows to this day? They are both very smart political chess players. And still no one can figure out why he didn’t pick her to begin with. Maybe they knew this move would seal the deal.

2. Barack Obama is very politcally savy and intelligent. He knows that Clinton holds 18 million votes and regardless of whether you “get along”  with the person, most politicians seeking national office will do almost anything to become President.

3. In recent days, Biden has made many politcal and party faux pas. For example, he has contradicted the Obama campaign numerous times, he has spoken against one of Obama’s political ads saying that if he knew about it he would have stopped it, his solution to the economic problem was for the public to become “more patriotic” and write checks to the government to cover the costs. All of these among other things. Now I personally don’t believe these mistakes are a huge deal or necessarily premeditated, but it does give Obama a public “out” with Biden. However Biden will make it seem like his health is the reason he’s “dropping out”.

4. Now that Sarah Palin has been chosen and pretty much breathed new life into the dead Republican base, Obama now has some serious competition. Although, he didn’t know this was going to happen, he now has all the more reason to throw in the trump card by dropping Biden and embracing Clinton.

5. Even more reason, the polls have revealed a pretty strong deadlock between the two candidates. This would be a great way for Obama to gain an easy 10 point lead in the polls. (This one almost impossible to premeditate)

If this happens, the race would be over and in January Obama would be sworn in. This is not necessarily what I want, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. If I were Obama, that’s what I would do. I guess we’ll see what happens.  What say you?

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